The most affordable requirements management tool

Forget the expensive software and the incomplete solutions in the market

A fraction (1/10 to 1/20) of the cost of other requirements management tools

CASE Spec offers affordable floating licenses that simplify deployment within your organization.

Cloud Solution:

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On-premises Solution:

Pricing (US $)

Floating Client Licenses with a Server

No of Licenses Cost
1 799  Buy Now
5 2499  Buy Now
10 4499  Buy Now
15 5999  Buy Now
20 7499  Buy Now


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About Licenses:

  • Floating client licenses that are not locked to a machine.
  • The licenses allow the perpetual use of the software.
  • The licenses include one year free support and upgrades and an enterprise embedded database.
  • After one year, upgrades and support may be purchased for an additional fee equal to 20% of the total cost of  CASE Spec


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